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Long Road to Dry River


Long Road to Dry River

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'D'you think you might've got the MS because you can't forgive your dad?'
That wasn't Jennifer Severn's doctor asking - or her psychologist. It was her lawyer, but it was a good question.
When Jen, aged 22, settled into a cab at Sydney Airport one rainy night in 1988, she'd taken pains to create a safe, sensible life for herself after an unhappy childhood. But that was about to take a turn. The driver was a follower of Ghagwan Sri Rajneesh, and the conversation that night set her on a new, dual existence - Jen the medical sales rep and Marga Sahi the Rajneesh disciple. Was it the strain of maintaining this double life that brough on an episode of visual disturbance - double vision, no less - in 1994?
Family dysfunction, inappropriate relationships, life as an 'orange person', a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis... Jen bounced between Australia, India and Amsterdam before circumstances conspired to land her in Quaama, a small rural village on Dry River on the far south coast of New South Wales.
Will an unrestored 1840s shearer's cottage and a quirky rural community be her salvation?
Long Road to Dry River was shortlisted for the Finch Prize for Memoir in 2018.


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