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Australia’s Creative Native Cuisine


Australia’s Creative Native Cuisine

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CREATIVE NATIVE CUISINE is the ultimate resource for home cooks looking to use lots of Australian native ingredients in their food preparation, but also includes every-day alternative ingredients for those occasions when the native ingredients are not in season or not readily available.
It includes:
Over 150 original recipes incorporating Australian native foods
Australian plant food glossary that includes descriptions, illustrations, nutritional aspects, forms (dried, fresh, frozen), availability, seasonality, and uses.
expanded descriptions of certain key ingredients (Australia's native seed, nuts, grains, herbs and spices
Chef's tips and cooking notes
Stunning photography throughout
Imperial and metric measures
Alternative ingredients

Australia's Creative Native Cuisine supports the increasing consumption of
Australia's native plant foods in home/family cooking, which has major role in defining Australian diet and identity.
Many of the foods and several of the simple methods such as cooking in paperbark are based traditional Indigenous foods and techniques, which inherently respect and protect the natural environment while providing a food source.
The long-term aim is that this book might contribute to the development of a sustainable and economically viable Australian industry that, most importantly, respects and includes Indigenous knowledge and culture while encouraging greater Indigenous participation in the supply chain.
Australia's native foods tick all the boxes in terms of 21st-century sustenance: they are nutritious, flavoursome, and sustainable, and they also provide employment in Australia.


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