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We’ve scoured the shelves for some uplifting stories to steer us through the wintry, viral doldrums – happy and carefree stories that boost the spirits and leave us with a sense of optimism and hope. Minnie Darke’s Star-crossed and The Lost Love Song both make it into the pile, just for the sheer joy of them. Star-crossed is a funny, romantic story set among the stars. Justine (Sagittarius and astrology sceptic) is trying to win the heart of Nick (Aquarius and absolute believer) who relies on the astrology column to guide him in life. Justine decides that a couple of tweaks to Aquarius before the magazine goes to print, is a perfectly sound game plan. Between bouts of celestial interference, Justine declares war on the public misuse of apostrophes. The Lost Love Song is the story of a song written by a celebrated classical pianist, declaring her love for the man who wishes to marry her. Late one night, the song is overheard, and begins a musical journey around the world. We follow the song as it wends its way in and around lovers and loners, and finds its way back home. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles is the perfect iso read. This charming tale is set in 1922, Moscow. Count Alexander Rostov is under house arrest at the glamorous Hotel Metropol. Life isn’t easy for the unrepentant aristocrat – he must endure being downgraded from his usual luxurious suites to an attic room, he is never to leave the confines of the Hotel and thus witness the bustle of Moscow from his upstairs window, and all the while bear witness to the goings-on of the Hotel’s guests and staff. Stories about booksellers will always be a hit in a bookshop, The Storied Life of A J Fikry tells the story of a grumpy bookseller (Fikry) and his life among books. When 2 year old Maya is inexplicably left on the floor of his bookshop one day, with a note attached to her clothing asking him to look after her, AJ’s life changes forever. Sprinkled with a lengthy and varied reading list, this is a heart-warming and charming story, perfect for challenging times.